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The Spirit is the first power we practically experience, but the last power we come to understand.Oswald Chambers

Spirituality is in the air and in our bones, yet so few us take the time to reflect on what it means that we are spiritual beings. Some people talk about the Holy Spirit, and yet never ask why the Spirit is Holy and what that might mean. Whether we know how to express it or not, there is something about our inner makeup that reminds us all of a bigger world and a more mysterious part of life.

Starting in June, we will take four weeks to learn about the essential and important topic of the Spirit in our lives. Each Sunday we will learn about why understanding the Spirit and his role in our lives is one of the most crucial parts of following Jesus. Our hope is that a series like this will help us to understand God's vision for the spiritual life and sort through the many misunderstandings related to becoming the true spiritual you. 


Teaching Series Dates

Sunday, June 4th @ 10:30am

Sunday, June 11th @ 10:30am

Sunday, June 18th @ 10:30am

Sunday, June 25th @ 10:30am