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Beyond Happiness: A Letter from Prison for Those Tired of the Superficial Life

"May you always be filled with the fruit of your salvation - the righteous character produced in your life by Jesus Christ - for this will bring much glory and praise to God." (Philippians 1:11)

It is easy to forget that some of the most important biblical wisdom comes from letters Paul composed while in prison. We rarely equate a painful place like prison with hope, life, and joy. Yet, the Bible provides us with a letter filled with wisdom on how to move beyond the superficialness of striving for happiness alone.

Over the next few weeks we are going on a deep dive into the letter that Paul sent to a church in Philippi. In it we will learn to see how God invites us all to a new understanding of our place in the world, which should be rooted in joy. For many of us, it will be a time to say farewell to the superficial approach to life that so easily consumes us. With God’s help, it will also be a time to say yes to God’s joyful way of life which is filled with integrity and authenticity.  

We hope you can make it a priority to join us as we learn to explore the teachings of the Bible in a way that leads to a transformed way of life. 

Series Dates

Sunday, October 15th @ 10:30am

Sunday, October 22nd @ 10:30am

Sunday, October 29th @ 10:30am

Sunday, November 5th @ 10:30am

Sunday, November 12th @ 10:30am

Sunday, November 19th @ 10:30am