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Favoured: A Spirit-Filled Christmas


"How will this be, since I am a virgin?" (Luke 1:34)


Christmas has the potential to be a wonderful time of year, yet many of us miss it. We try to slow down and focus on the real meaning of Christmas, but then we find ourselves overwhelmed with pressures, people, and other pressing issues. This year, we all have the chance to decide whether it has to be that way.  

The only way we can really experience the power of the Christmas story is by making it a priority and giving it the focus it deserves. This Christmas, we want to help you see Christmas through the lens of Mary, a special young girl who welcomed the power of God’s Spirit to rearrange and transform her life forever. 

While Mary would never be the same again, we should not forget that the same type of gift is offered to us at Christmas. It is a chance to welcome the power of God’s Spirit to revive and give life to new and amazing things in our own lives. Mary’s servant heart gives us a glimpse of what God can do with heart-felt obedience.  

Are you ready to be obedient this Christmas? It is in that moment that the Christmas story reveals a God who gives Himself to us as a gift. This Christmas, join us as we look at the way God, by his Spirit, guides Mary, Joseph, and others, to experience His favor and power in their lives. This has the potential to be a Spirit-filled Christmas! It is a gift to all of us - may we not settle for anything less.

Series Dates

Sunday, November 26th @ 10:30am

Sunday, December 3rd @ 10:30am

Sunday, December 10th @ 10:30am

Sunday, December 17th @ 10:30am

Sunday, December 24th @ 10:30am