We recently experienced an answer to prayer as the city granted us a zone change for our warehouse. In agreement with our partners, we feel confident that the180 worship space and the larger building must be seen as a "ministry hub" for training and developing leaders for the future as well as helping us grow as a church.

This is a unique opportunity to pave a new way forward in Quebec and to invite others to come and encounter Jesus with us.


Will you dream with us?


It’s a common biblical pattern for those who have encountered Jesus to step out in faith to practice living generous and selfless lives.

This has been made evident with an anonymous donor who has pledged $100,000 towards this project. With that in mind, our leadership feels confident that we should be able raise the additional $100,000 needed to make this purchase possible.

Over and above regular giving we are asking that those who believe in the vision of the180 Church to consider giving sacrificially towards this next step through a gift.


Moments of growth like this are meant to move us closer to God. They help us to remember that He is the one who provides what we need at the right time.


Father, give me a heart of joy to celebrate the new things You will do in my life and in the lives of future leaders through our church. You love cheerful givers. Please make us cheerful leaders in this season and help us to see this space as launching pad for new things to emerge (2 Corinthians 2:7).


Stay tuned for reports on how we're doing!


We are hoping to raise the funds by our 3rd year anniversary on Sunday, September 16, 2018.