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The Book of James: Confronting the Lies That Keep Us From Maturity

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to miss out on what is really important. Every day we are bombarded by pressures to succeed according to cultural standards: buy more, achieve more, vacation more. We want to make the right friends, be in the right places, and make sure the right people know it. This race to impress tends to keep us from asking the tough questions: what are we doing this all for, and to what end? 

Over the next few months at the180, we’ll be going through the book of James, a short letter written by the brother of Jesus to an early Christian community. In this letter, James reminds us that true faith in Jesus always leads to maturity - a fully integrated and whole way of life. But maturity isn’t something that happens naturally or automatically: it takes work, planning, and intentionality. Maturity takes paying attention to the lies we’ve believed that have kept us on a path that is quite opposite from the full life God offers.

James calls this kind of life God offers a life of wisdom

But God’s generosity never guarantees that we live this life He intends for us. In fact, it’s quite easy to resist this life.    

In his letter, James addresses the hot topics that impact day-to-day lives, making his ancient words incredibly practical for us today. Money, power, prejudice, poverty, pain, and even anger are just some of the topics he brings up, reminding us that Christian maturity is more than belief or knowledge, but a way of life that impacts the world we live in - a world that God loves. 

This series will remind us that true faith in Jesus isn’t about waiting for heaven, but about bringing the life of heaven to earth. It will help us think deeply about the implications of our faith in the world and invite us to a journey to ever increasing maturity, wholeness and completeness, that we would be “lacking in nothing” (James 1:4). 

We hope to see you at the first part of this next series on April 8, 2018


Series Dates

Sunday, April 8th @ 10:30am

Sunday, April 15th @ 10:30am

Sunday, April 22nd @ 10:30am

Sunday, April 29th @ 10:30am