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Our 2018 teaching series, Becoming, provides us with a new framework about how God invites us to BECOME different people. Jesus did not remain a child, in fact, we are told that He makes all things new. This includes us. May we remember that the changes that God invites us to consider require honest reflection, and serious commitment, in order that we may be able to let certain things in our life die.                

Many of our old ideas, old beliefs, and old habits must die if 2018 is to be a year of living life to the fullest. Are you ready to become all that God has created you to be? We pray you don't fall for the tempting promises of our quick-fix culture that ignore the deep character issues that require God's healing.

Join us at the start of the New Year for the most important decision you will make in 2018 - becoming fully alive.


Love Who You Are Becoming
Week 1 – January 7, 2018

When Ideas Become Idols
Week 2 – January 14, 2018

Learning to Care for the Right Things
Week 3 – January 21, 2018

Learning in Motion, Together
Week 4 – January 28, 2018

The Freedom We Avoid
Week 5 – February 4, 2018

A New Way of Seeing
Week 6 – February 11, 2018

Don't Say a Word Until...
Week 7 – February 18, 2018