Introducing the180 eBulletin: The Things That Matter

By: Bethany Mortelliti, Communications Assistant at the180

I don’t know where I would be without my iCalendar.

Honestly, at the beginning of my marriage there were so many time I felt frustrated about mismatched schedules, realizing that Matteo had gone out when I needed the car or feeling overwhelmed from the effort of balancing time alone together and seeing friends. I started to learn that without a sense of being on the same page with our schedule, we were out of sync as a couple.

Things are no different for any group of people with a common goal.

Whether it's an office staff, a sports team, or a family, we all desire to be in sync and yet experience the pressure of going in many different directions. Surprisingly, it is actually no different for the church.

An early lesson about this is found in Acts 6. As the church was increasing by leaps and bounds, hard feelings developed between the Greek-speaking believers and the Hebrew-speaking believers because the Hebrew-speaking widows were being discriminated against in the daily food lines (Acts 6:1 MSG). To resolve this problem, the twelve apostles called a meeting and made a decision that some disciples would be commissioned to resolve this problem. We go on to read in Acts 6:7 that after this meeting, the Word of God prospered and the number of disciples in Jerusalem increased dramatically.

Stunning isn’t it? It was only when the disciples gathered and decided how to move forward together, that the gospel could also advance. 

At the180, we believe that part of healthy leadership involves thinking carefully about communication systems so that our vision can be accomplished. As we grow at the180, we want to be sure that we’re moving forward together.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce to you a new weekly eBulletin from the180 called “The Things that Matter.”

By signing up for this weekly email, you will receive a message in your inbox every Friday with a short devotional, a list of key events and priorities to remember for the week ahead, and a short prayer or quote to encourage you to slow down and consider God's presence.  Our hope and prayer is that this tool helps us stay on the same page as we see God move in new ways.

You can sign up for our weekly eBulletin here. The first one will be coming out next Friday, October 7 – don’t miss it!


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