Thank You for Making the180 Special: Adriano + Gina

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We are almost one year into our journey as a church, and we know that we would be nowhere without people who have chosen to make the180 their home. As a way to reflect on this past year, we are featuring several individuals and families who joined us along the way. By serving and gathering with us, these people have truly made the180 special and help us look forward to our ongoing journey of learning and growing in Quebec. Today, meet Adriano and Gina, and their children Olivia and Andrew!



Adriano and Gina

accountant & teacher


What stage are you both at in life?

With both of our children in high school and both being employed full-time, we are at a very busy stage in life! As parents of teen-aged children who don’t yet hold licenses, we also spend a fair amount of time on the road, driving them to where they need to be.

How long have you been attending the180 and how have you been involved?

Our first encounter with the180 was at its official launch party last year in September. We came at the invitation of a cousin who was already a part of the church. Our kids discovered the youth table and quickly wanted to sign up. In fact, we would say that it was our kids who brought us to church – their excitement to be involved with the180 youth and their love for their peers in this community exposed us to the180 and now we call the180 home.

Despite living far from the church we have found ways to be involved – as an art teacher, Gina has led a crafts afternoon and helped paint a mural in the180 families area and Adriano has lent a hand to help clean our space and also flip burgers at special events.

How is the180 helping you discover God in a new way?

Dom’s approach to teaching (rather than preaching) and his engaging style have been an important part of our journey at the180. We’ve learned that the point is to be open to growing, and we’ve learned to come as we are. We love the180’s philosophy on it being okay to ask questions, and we love the church’s stance on showing compassion to all Christians whatever their journey, especially given Quebec’s historical religious context.

The180 has truly transformed our understanding of the idea of “being a Christian.” We no longer understand faith as something that is once-and-for-all, but moreso as a process of growing and learning. The environment at the180 has been extremely welcoming and allowed us to be vulnerable in this journey.

Check back for more interviews as we count down to our one year anniversary celebration!