Thank You for Making the180 Special: Matt + Cynthia

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We are almost one year into our journey as a church, and we know that we would be nowhere without people who have chosen to make the180 their home. As a way to reflect on this past year, we are featuring several individuals and families who joined us along the way. By serving and gathering with us, these people have truly made the180 special and help us look forward to our ongoing journey of learning and growing in Quebec. Today, meet Matt and Cynthia!


Matt and Cynthia

airline station attendant and part-time student/part-time sales associate


What stage are you at in life?

Matt is finished school and works full-time with Air Canada while Cynthia pursues a Bachelors of Psychology at the University of Montreal while working part-time as a sales associate.

How long have you been attending the180 and how have you been involved?

We both started attending the180 shortly after it launched. Matt helped with host team when it first started and continues to helps with cleaning and parking at special events as his schedule permits. Cynthia has also served on the host team.

How is the180 helping you discover God in a new way?

For both of us, the180 has opened us up to new ideas and a different way of living.

For Matt, the180 has helped give me a better understanding of what it means to serve God. Having grown up in church my whole life, I thought I had all the answers but the180 and Pastor Dom have made me re-examine how I view things in and out of church.

For Cynthia, the180 is helping me discover God in a way I didn’t even know He existed. I feel like I am meeting Him for the first time again. At the180, God has reminded me of something I had long forgotten: that His love for me is unconditional. My past experience with the Christian church hasn’t always been great. For a long time, my heart was heavy and I thought I had to reach a certain level of “holiness” for God to bless me, use me and love me. God has worked in my mind and heart in a tremendous way ever since I started attending the180. This is where God started paving a way for me in this challenging season I am currently in. For a start, I know now more than ever that God loves me and that there is nothing I could ever do for Him to love me more. I still have so much to learn and my battles aren’t over but knowing that I am the daughter of a King who holds the victory comforts me and gives me the strength to go through it all with a heart full of faith.

Check back for more interviews as we count down to our one year anniversary celebration!