Thank You for Making the180 Special: Wil + Michelle

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We are almost one year into our journey as a church, and we know that we would be nowhere without people who have chosen to make the180 their home. As a way to reflect on this past year, we are featuring several individuals and families who joined us along the way. By serving and gathering with us, these people have truly made the180 special and help us look forward to our ongoing journey of learning and growing in Quebec. Today, meet Wil and Michelle, and their children Victoria, Luka and Vida!


Wil and Michelle

audio-visual technician and saleswoman



What stage are you at in life?

We are currently raising our three children - ages 14, 4, and 2 - while both working full-time, which definitely makes for a busy lifestyle.

How long have you been attending the180 and how have you been involved?

We began attending the180 during the first week of October last year - and we would describe the way that we ended up here as miraculous. After attending a couples seminar we mutually decided to find a church where we could be committed as family and we believe that God honoured this desire - we actually discovered the180 through an Instagram search! We decided to check it out and loved it. We experienced a special kind of welcome, loved the ambiance, and felt like it was our home right away. Since then we have been part of a Home Group and our older daughter has become part of the180 Youth as well as serving as a teacher’s helper with the180 Kids. Wil lends his technical skill to the sound team and on the drums for worship, and Michelle loves serving with the180 Kids on Sunday mornings.

How is the180 helping you discover God in a new way?

For most of our lives it felt like living a Christian life was more imposed than by choice. At the180 we have found a different way to see life. We don’t feel like our behaviour is being watched, but that we are journeying with our people for who we are - human beings with struggles and weaknesses. The180 is a place where we genuinely want to be. We’ve made wonderful friends and we just love being here.

Check back for more interviews as we count down to our one year anniversary celebration!