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Coming Home: God's Invitation To See Others The Way He Sees Them

Someone once said, “Home is not where you live but where they understand you.”

In some ways this captures one of the most central teachings of the Bible.

What if there were a place where people were quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to become angry and slow to judge? This kind of space would be the best place to grow, to dream and to become the people God calls us to be.

The message of Christianity was birthed in a world where people did not feel that God loved them. Most people felt confused, cheated, lied to and just too stressed to make sense of God. Those people slowly moved to the fringes of society. They were often considered outsiders—left on their own with their deepest questions and struggles.  

This was unacceptable, according to Jesus.

People should see the family of God, the church, as a place to call home. The church should be a place where people walk together, grow together, cry together and laugh together—where those who once felt far from God can come near.

Starting September 9th, as we settle down into the rhythms of the fall season, we are going to dive deep into the Bible, focusing on the sometimes controversial but lifegiving ways in which Jesus invites us to "come home" and to find our place as His people.

One sign of finding our home in God’s story is that it changes how we see others. We can no longer be indifferent towards those who feel lost or alone. We become sensitive to those who are not sure if the church is a safe place to grow, learn and go deeper with others.

At the180, one of our greatest desires is to become a church that takes the teachings of the Bible seriously. If that is what you are looking for, we hope you’ll make it a priority to be with us.

Series dates:

September 9th

September 16th

September 23rd

September 30th

October 4th

October 15th