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The Deeper Life: Lies Christians Believe About Prayer

Hello, is anyone listening? Anyone out there?

These seem to be some of the deepest human questions.

In fact, they are so fundamental to who we are that in the early 1900s a group of thinkers began taking steps to create what today is called SETI: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. This expensive initiative seeks to use sound waves to monitor the furthest parts of our solar system with the hope that we might get a return signal, a sign that someone, or something, is maybe out there listening.

While this is an exciting endeavour, there is a deeper and more local way that we work out this question: through the idea and practice of prayer.

For Christians, and many other religions, prayer is one of the most basic aspects of faith—though most people either don’t practice or ignore it. Jesus found himself correcting and teaching his own followers about the kind of prayer that could change the world.

Over the next few weeks, we want to help you head into the summer with some practical biblical teachings that will address the confusing things you’ve learned about prayer and the mistaken beliefs you may hold about prayer. Whether this is new to you, or you are someone who practices different forms of prayer regularly, you won’t want to miss this important teaching series starting on June 23rd.

Series Dates

Sunday, June 23rd at 10:30am

Sunday, June 30th @ 10:30am

Sunday, July 7th @ 10:30am

Sunday, July 14th @ 10:30am