Midweek Class: Emotionally Healthy RELATIONSHIPS

One of the most important aspects of our lives is the need to grow and develop healthier relationships. Whether you are married, single, dating, or working through a painful breakup, you know that our everyday relationships are places where our lack of faith and immaturity come the surface.

Emotionally Healthy Relationships - teaches 8 practical skills to empower people to love and relate to one another in a way that builds unity in your church. It's very practical including things like sentence stems you can use to start a difficult conversation with someone.

For too long, churches have ignored the important ways that our emotions, our family histories, and our past circumstances have shaped who we are. At the180, we believe that God's design is for us to become people who are emotionally mature as we trust and follow Jesus.

Years ago, an important Christian pastor began to recognize a very important principle in Scripture: that emotional health and spiritual maturity cannot be separated.

This truth captures one of the most challenging crises facing us today. We have found a way to keep God out of the deepest emotional places of our lives and have never learned the skills related to conflict resolution, fighting fair, and disagreeing with respect and love. At the180 we are committed to being part of the solution and to equipping people to get honest about these issues and joining God in his plan to restore and renew all things. We are convinced that the next generation needs a new vision of spiritual maturity anchored in the faith that Jesus promises. This will set us free at the deepest levels of our lives.

In the Emotionally Healthy Relationships course we learn practical skills to love others like Jesus:

  • Check Your Community Temperature Reading

  • Stop Mind Reading and Clarify Expectations

  • Genogram Your Family

  • Explore The Iceberg

  • Listen Incarnationally

  • Climb the Ladder to Integrity

  • Fight Cleanly

  • Develop a “Rule of Life” to Implement Your New Learnings

Course Details

January 30
February 6, 13, 20, 27
March 6, 13

Time: doors open at 7, class begins promptly at 7:30pm

Cost: $40, collected by cash or cheque on the first day. The cost includes a book which will be given to you on the first class. ($20 if you already own the book, Emotionally Healthy Relationships Workbook).

Book Required: (Available on Amazon)