Thank you!

We were so excited to have over 200+ people present to help us celebrate our official launch on September 18, 2016.

See some photos from the day below.


#my180: We All Need to Be Heard

As we prepared for our official launch we captured some short videos of a few wonderful people who remind us of the kind of church we wish to be: a safe place to get honest about our wounds, a thoughtful place to process questions without shame, and a church family with whom to raise our own families in a complicated and changing world.

Learn more about the #my180 video project here, and check out the videos below!

We All Need to Be Heard: Intro from Dom & Bev


We All Need Community: #my180 story from Annie & Bryan


We All Have Wounds: #my180 story from Joanna


We All Have Questions: #my180 story from Nic