May Class

Starting in May, we will be having a five week course on one of the following four topics below.

The topic was chosen by vote and the winner is...."The End Times".

The courses will be held on Wednesday, May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 @ 7PM, and will cost $20 a person. 

Protestants and Catholics

Are there any difference between Protestants and Catholics? This course will uncover some of the complexities of the Protestant Reformation and the differences between Protestants and Catholics today. 

Biblical Authority

The Bible has been used as a tool to do good and do harm. It’s a book with a long history and many authors and we sometimes don’t really know how to integrate it into our daily lives. In this class we’ll learn about what it means (and what it doesn’t mean) to view the Bible as an “authoritative” guide for our lives. 

The End Times

Speculations about the end of the world are rampant in culture, movies, and religious communities. What is the “Rapture,” the Millenium, and the sign of the beast, and how do we make sense of it all? These and others are some of the questions that we’ll explore in this course. 

What Christians Believe

What are the beliefs that Christians hold as foundational? And which beliefs are considered secondary issues? And how do we decide? This course will look at foundations of the Christian faith and the historical challenges that arose as these doctrines we’re being established. 

You are welcome to register until May 1st. Please note that the $20 fee will be collected during the first class, on May 2nd.

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