The180 seeks to be a church that makes room to discuss biblical ideas together. One way that happens is that at the end of each teaching series we take a Sunday to "wrap up" the teaching by addressing some new questions that emerged from that series.

What to expect:

During a Wrap Up Sunday you'll notice a few things that distinguish it from a regular Sunday gathering. For one, the set-up is completely different! The chairs are set up in a circular way so that we can see one another better. There is something special about being able to look at each other as we talk, laugh, and learn, remembering that Jesus calls us to follow him alongside others. Another thing you'll notice is that our musical worship is slightly shorter with more of an acoustic feel. This gives our Worship Team a little break and also allows Dom to make room for some dialogue as he explores our wrap up questions.

Why do we celebrate communion on Wrap Up Sundays?

To end every Wrap Up Sunday, we slow down to take communion together. We believe this helps us remember how the cross and the resurrection "wrap up" and hold together the very essence of the Christian message. This is a special time.

What if I have kids?

Older kids stay with their parents for the entire Wrap Up Sunday.  This a great way to help the next generation understand that the church makes room for their voices and their questions as well. Kids aged 2 years – Grade 6 go to their classrooms just like regular Sundays - parents, please check in your kids at our Kids Zone before the gathering begins.

How our Home Groups connect to our Wrap Up Sunday?

Our weekly Home Groups are a key source of content for Wrap Up Sundays. As we explore the Sunday teaching in homes, some new and unanswered questions emerge that are sent to Dom as he prays and prepares the Wrap Up teaching time. In this way, Wrap Up Sunday learning is shaped by many voices listening and learning together.

Is Wrap Up Sunday for anybody?

Yes, if you missed a message or even the whole series, you can always catch up on our Media page or subscribe to our podcast!

We hope to meet you on an upcoming Wrap Up Sunday!