Meet the Team

Gianina Miceli


Gianina is a born-and-raised Montrealer. She is married to Mark, her high school sweetheart, and they have one son, David. Over the past few months, as she and her family have found their place at the180, Gianina has been prayerfully sensing God's prompting to explore a new purpose in using her gifts to serve others. We are thankful to have Gianina joining the180 team (approximately 10 hours/week) at an exciting time in the development of the church. 

With her grace and skill in connecting with people and managing details, she will help us grow by coordinating and providing leadership forour various teams and supporting pastoral administrative tasks to help the church flourish with clarity. Gianina also works as a radiation therapist and is currently teaching at Dawson College as a professor and clinical coordinator. In her free time, you will find her walking the family dog, Oscar, reading, or spending time with her family.

David Bonfa


David and his family grew up in Montreal and now live in Laval. He and his wife Kathy have served in various church settings and know what it takes to help a new church flourish. David and Kathy both have servant hearts and ooze hospitality. In addition, Kathy's keen eye for decor allows her to provide leadership with an artistic touch to many of our meeting spaces. They and their two daughters are a beautiful family that is committed to see the180 grow into a church that cares for our community and makes a difference in the lives of many people.

David oversees our worship and arts ministries. His musical giftedness coupled with his desire to see people connect with God in new ways is a key part of each of our gatherings.  David also loves to see other musicians grow as they use their gifts to serve others.  He has a natural way of calling others to excellence in worship as he serves alongside different musicians.  His vision for worship and arts shapes every aspect of the180.

Read an interview with David about worship at the180 here.

Bethany Mortelliti


Hailing from across the country in rainy Vancouver, BC Bethany has joined the180 team with her husband Matteo. She and Matteo are an answer to our prayers as the180 continues to grow in new and exciting ways. Her assistance in providing some thoughtful clarity to our overall communication strategy at the180 comes at a perfect time in our history. Bethany’s love of books, theological study, and the church led her to Regent College to obtain a Diploma in Christian Studies and she also has a background in English and French language studies.

She has a passion for writing, editing and blogging which will serve as a much needed gift to the180 as we continue to engage with people over diverse communication platforms.   Additionally, Bethany will also help provide more regular blog updates and e-newsletter content that will intentionally connect our Sunday learning times to our daily experiences. 

Matteo Mortelliti, MA


Matteo is extremely familiar with the life of the church.  Matteo was born into a pastor’s family, but his teen years led him away from focusing his life on God. This was an important season of exploration for Matteo as he questioned his own beliefs while exploring many other approaches to life.   

It was in this season that something new began to happen. Having worked through some key issues, Matteo was moved by theological reflection and decided to leave Montréal to pursue his pastoral training at Regent College in Vancouver. In addition to a great theological foundation, Matteo was about to receive another surprise. As he tells the story, "one day at a bus stop in Vancouver" he saw Bethany and the rest is history. In March 2016, they left a season of discerning God’s calling on their lives and moved to Quebec to join the180 team. 

Matteo's experience in a previous church plant and his Masters Degree in Christian Studies makes him a perfect fit to provide thoughtful reflection on what it means to connect with a new church seeking to present the message of Jesus in new and creative ways.

In early 2017, after many months of hosting the youth in his home every other week along with his wife Bethany, Matteo developed a sense of calling towards youth ministry and was officially announced as youth pastor in February 2017. He and Bethany love their growing ministry and look forward to pouring into these young people as leaders of the next generation. It is their hope that youth find a sense of belonging and above all learn to love Jesus and love like Jesus. Read more about the180 Youth.

Beverly Ruso


In addition to providing key leadership with Dom, Bev coordinates all things children at the180. She would be the first to say that it would not be possible if it weren't for some amazing leaders who have quickly stepped up to serve our families.

Her passion to see our kids connect with the story of Jesus in a way that is fun and engaging is reflective of the hours she spends preparing lessons and meeting with key leaders. All the while, she has been adjusting to a new context and fending off three boys who think that wrestling with mom is cool. 

If that were not enough, Bev finds time to snap some pictures, providing the180 with some great memories of what God is doing and how He continues to bless us.

Domenic Ruso, PhD


Born and raised in Montreal, Dom's early faith experiences came from going to a Roman Catholic Church and later experiencing an added understanding of his faith within a Protestant context. The richness of this upbringing led to numerous questions which eventually drew Dom to making a commitment to follow Jesus and pursue pastoral ministry. Beginning as a youth pastor, Dom was blessed to pour into the lives of youth who were thinking about deep life questions. This taught Dom how important it is to create room for the next generation. Following this opportunity Dom found himself leading university students and young adults in diverse settings.  In this context Dom recognized his passion to teach the Bible and the need to grow in his understanding of the story of Christianity and its rich and complex history. This led him to complete an M.A. in Early Church Studies at Concordia University and most recently completed a PhD in Historical Theology (Wycliffe College, UoT).  Dom finished his studies while working as a teaching pastor and a lead pastor in different churches. This taught him the importance of providing relevant teaching for those unsure of, or unfamiliar with the Christian faith. 

Dom has had the blessing of working and serving in some large churches across Canada. Most recently Dom was the lead pastor of a church that experienced an exciting season of growth while being focused on caring for the community. This passion provided a key partnership with the local community which led Dom to sit on the Board of Habitat for Humanity as the Faith Director. 

Dom's creative approach to visionary leadership impacts every area of the180. Dom is also focused on developing and cultivating a healthy culture at the180. This happens through leadership meetings and in one-on-one conversations. Also, Dom regularly partners with different churches who believe in our vision and who have a deep love for the province of Quebec. Dom's passion for teaching and exploring the Biblical text for a 21st century context shapes our Sunday gatherings and our overall vision. 


Our staff report to our Board who assist Dom and Bev with overall vision and leadership matters related to the180. Those key senior leaders are Giulio Mirabelli, David Bonfa, Lori Khammar, Matthew Guglielmetti, Jean Martin and Jean-Pascal Money.