& Partnerships

“ is on the missions field that the sense of shame about disunity has been most powerfully at work.”
— Lesslie Newbigin

The180 is committed to pursuing a form of unity that Jesus described and called his disciples to pursue in John 17.  It is this calling to Christian unity that helps us to celebrate both the unity and diversity which is essential to living in a complex and changing world. 

From the beginning, these beliefs have also been present in the hearts of those who are partnering with the180. While aligned with numerous Christian denominations, the180 and our partners understand that Jesus invites us to point people to his larger kingdom. These friendships have helped us to model what it looks like when diverse churches work together towards a greater common vision. 

The180 is an inter-denominational church under the umbrella of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). From its inception, and throughout its history, the C&MA has invited diverse Christians to work together for the greater good of all people. For this reason, we are blessed to have special relationships with some key partner churches in Ontario and the U.S. from multiple denominations who have a deep love for Quebec and the vision of the180.